What is the Travel Fund?

The Travel Fund was established by Live Performance Australia (LPA). The Travel Fund provides flights and accommodation for Helpmann Award Panel Members to attend productions that are eligible to enter the Helpmann Awards, and are presented outside of Sydney (NSW) and Melbourne (VIC).

Objectives of the Travel Fund:

  • Enable Helpmann Awards Panel Members to attend as many eligible productions as possible in their discipline
  • Increase attendance by Helpmann Awards Panel Members to eligible productions outside Sydney and Melbourne
  • Ensure that the best Australian live performances across all Australian states and territories are being considered for the Helpmann Awards

Who can apply for the Travel Fund?

  • A Helpmann Award Panel Member requesting to see an eligible production(s) outside Sydney or Melbourne. The production must not be touring to Melbourne or Sydney within the current Helpmann Awards season; OR
  • An LPA Member presenting/producing an eligible production outside Sydney or Melbourne. The production must not be touring to Melbourne or Sydney within the current Helpmann Awards season. The LPA Member will not receive the funds, a Panel Member will be assigned to the production and receive the funds to attend a performance.

Priority assistance will be given to productions and Panel Members from the following disciplines:

  • Cabaret 
  • Dance & Physical Theatre 
  • Opera & Classical Music 
  • Theatre 
  • Regional Touring

LPA Members and Panel Members may only receive travel fund assistance once per Helpmann Awards Season (from 1 March to 30 April the following year). Applications may include more than one production over a series of nights (e.g. At a festival or a group of performances).

Retrospective funding requests are ineligible.

Application Process:

Applicants must complete and submit the relevant application form at least 3 weeks before the intended travel dates. An automatic acknowledgement will be sent by email to confirm the application has been received.

Approval is at the discretion of LPA and subject to available funds.

  • Applications, once received will be assessed by LPA's Chief Executive, the Chair of Helpmann Awards Administration Committee and the relevant Panel Head
  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application
  • In the case of LPA Member Producer and Presenter applications, if approved, LPA will arrange a Panel Member to attend the production
  • LPA will liaise with recipients to confirm itineraries and booking confirmations
  • The Travel Fund only covers flights and accommodation (room only) and certain ground travel expenses. All other expenses are the responsibility of the Panel Member NB. Expenses DO NOT include per diems. Panel Members will be reimbursed upon presentation of the pre-approved ground transport receipts
  • Funding is provided for the original travel booking only. Any changes to booked fares are made at the Panel Member’s own expense. If Travel Fund recipients are unable to complete their travel plans or attend the production for any reason, they must notify LPA immediately

All Panel Members are required to provide LPA with a Post Performance Report within two weeks of attending the production.  This report will be distributed to the relevant Helpmann Awards Panel Members.

How to Apply:

All applications are to be completed online.

  • LPA Member Producers and Presenters apply here
  • Panel Members apply here

For enquiries or assistance, please contact travelfund@helpmannawards.com.au or 03 8614 2000.