A production is eligible to enter the annual Helpmann Awards if it:

(a) is produced or presented by an LPA Member; or
(b) it is professionally produced by a non-Member and the production seeking to enter has remitted the Industry Service Fee (ISF) either directly to LPA or via an LPA Member Venue; and
(c) falls within the Artistic Discipline of a Nominating Panel or is eligible for an Industry Award; and
(d) it is officially opened in Australia during the season (official opening shall mean the performance which the producer has publicly announced as being the official opening); and
(e) in the case of a production seeking to enter the Best Regional Touring Production Award, it undertakes its first Australian regional tour during the season.

Exceptional circumstances:

In exceptional circumstances where an LPA Member and/or non-Member cannot meet the above criteria (e.g. A cabaret performer using non LPA venues and non LPA producer Members and agents), a sub-committee comprising of the President of LPA, Chief Executive and Chair of HAAC will have the delegated authority to grant an exemption from the entry criteria.

Exceptional circumstances would include permitting an entry in the interests of:
(a) populating an Award category which has been in existence for less than two Helpmann Awards seasons;
(b) ensuring that the entries in an Award category reflect the breadth and diversity of performances in that category for the Helpmann Awards season.

For the avoidance of doubt, an Eligible Production is produced by an Eligible Producer where:
(a) it is a contemporary music concert promoted or presented by a Member;
(b) it is part of a festival that is produced by a Member; or
(c) it is a comedy performance given by a performer or group represented or promoted by a Member or as part of a festival that is produced by a Member.

In recognition of the great importance of touring to the Australian live performance industry and the national focus of the Helpmann Awards, productions planning to tour may elect to enter the Awards in the season they tour instead of the season they open.

An Eligible Producer may apply in writing to the Helpmann Awards Administration Committee (HAAC) requesting an exemption from Rule 7.1(c) where:
(a) an Eligible Production is first performed between 1 March and 30 April at the conclusion of the season; or
(b) an Eligible Production is first performed during the season and the Eligible Producer intends to tour the Eligible Production in the following season.

Entries are assessed for eligibility by HAAC. HAAC may deal with the request in its absolute discretion including by determining that the Eligible Production may be considered for entry into the Awards for the following season in which case the Eligible Production will be ineligible to enter the Awards in the season it is first performed.

If a production was first performed in a previous season, the production is an Eligible Production for any Award Category that applies to a performer or act appointed to a role during the season.

A complete list of all eligible entries is sent to the ten Nominating Panels.

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If you have any queries regarding entry eligibility of your production, please contact info@helpmannawards.com.au or 03 8614 2000.